Quality Home Organizing by 239 Home Concierge

Our organizational experts are experienced in working closely with homeowners to create a clutter-free environment that eliminates stress. For example, we can help you organize a functional system for paper flow, so you’ll no longer experience frustration or procrastination when dealing with it.

Whether you’re simply interested in organizing one specific room, or would like to make your entire home an organized, harmonious living space, 239 Home Concierge can develop a system that works for your individual needs and goals.

With our professional, skilled organizers at your service, your home or work space can become the stress free, tranquil oasis you envision.

We Can Help You Organize:

  • Home Office
  • Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Kitchen
  • Living Areas
  • Bedrooms/Closets
  • Children’s Toys/Playrooms
  • Memorabilia/Collectibles
  • Garage
  • Patio & More

If you need help unpacking when moving into a new space, we can take care of that for you too!

Getting Started

Our first appointment is an on-site assessment of your home or work space, in which we ascertain exactly what needs to be done to create the perfect living or work space for your personal needs. We highly recommend you be involved in this part of the process, if possible. This allows us to discuss ideas with you, get your input, and make recommendations as to how you might best utilize the space. We can also discuss ways in which you might use organizational skills to keep things functioning optimally in the future. We want to make every effort to implement a plan that will meet your specific goals and needs.

If your schedule makes it difficult to be present during the initial assessment, you can be sure that our professional organizers are more than capable of implementing a plan that will meet your needs. We will work with you in a courteous and professional way, with respect for your schedule.

We Will Provide You With:

  • Appointment(s) to fit your busy schedule
  • A comprehensive discussion on the cost of services, and what that includes
  • Shopping services to procure items we don’t normally carry, if needed
  • Organizational strategies to aid you in maintaining a functional, organized system
  • Physical and emotional support in assisting with eliminating clutter
  • Handling of your personal possessions with respect
  • Gentle guidance in the process of relinquishing items that no longer serve a useful purpose in your life (you have the final say in deciding what will go and what will stay)
  • A dynamic change to your living or work space that will support functionality and promote tranquility

Let us HELP YOU…call or text 858-519-2904 or contact us today for a quote!