239 Home Concierge Provides Help After Your Move

• Is the thought of unpacking all those boxes overwhelming?
• Do you have physical problems that make unpacking a daunting task?
• Does your busy schedule make dealing with the move almost an impossibility?
• Have you downsized your living space, and you’re afraid to unpack your belongings, because you know they won’t all fit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, 239 Home Concierge can help!

Our professional unpacking services are the best available in the area. Here’s why: We treat your belongings with the utmost respect, making sure that precious items are unpacked with care and are placed safely. Because we’re also professional organizers, we can help you declutter before or after your move if space is an issue. Organizing and reestablishing your living quarters will be a breeze.

Dealing with Your New Space

Not only can we help you best organize your new residence, we can obtain products to help with the task that suit your style. Shopping for supplies & containers can be a hassle, and time consuming, adding to the stress of moving. 239 Home Concierge can take care of that problem for you as well, if needed. We know where to shop for home organizing products at the best prices, and we don’t charge you any more than the actual cost.


We charge a flat hourly rate for unpacking, with no hidden charges. Our cost for our home organizing service is also an hourly rate. We work quickly & efficiently, providing you the best service for your money.

Call or text us at 858-519-2904 with any questions, or fill out our contact form online. We would love to help make your move to a new beginning a pleasant, uplifting experience!